Our latest obsession: clever storage ideas

Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box for garden tools and furniture

We’ve all been there – scrambling around to hide clutter and mess when unexpected visitors call. And how times have you felt like tearing your hair out when it seems there is nowhere to put (hide!) anything? This is why clever storage ideas are our latest obsession – because the right containers, offering the right solutions in the best style for the space are essential.

reclaimed wooden storage chest open

We find the most effective storage solutions lay in pairing the right type of storage furniture to the items that need to be contained – and that means taking a room by room approach. But, as you would expect, no matter what option suits you best, it should always be stylish as well as practical.

Hallway storage ideas

Shoes, boots, wellies, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas… there are a plethora of things that need to be on hand yet stored away in the hallway. With so much already going on, it’s hard to know which storage option to plump for to minimise the clutter.

reclaimed wood storage bench in grey with rattan baskets

We have a collection of clever storage ideas solutions in the form of chic, rustic and quality rattan furniture such as the Rattan May Wooden Storage units with rattan drawers – super handy for separating family things to help that morning school and work routine run more smoothly. Another fantastic storage solution for the hallway is to add a rustic style Winchester wooden trunk, perfect for throwing in shoes and bags to keep the hallway clutter-free.

Bedroom storage ideas

Again, there are several items that routinely need storing in the bedroom that you need quick and easy access to from time to time, but you don’t want cluttering the space, especially if you’re looking for small bedroom storage ideas.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box for bedroom or hallway

Anything from blankets and bed linen to towels and even clothes can be stored in this stylish wooden blanket box. Crafted in solid reclaimed wood and chunky in style and appearance, there is a satisfying quality to reclaimed furniture, and what’s more, high quality wooden bedroom furniture that will last a lifetime is the best investment you can truly make.

Living room storage ideas

The living room is the place where you go with visitors and guests to relax and enjoy each others company and so storage solutions in here need to be both practical and stylish. If you love the warm and welcoming qualities of the modern rustic style – plenty of wood and exposed brickwork, beams etc. – then rustic furniture with a modern edge, such as contemporary coffee tables will fit into your design scheme beautifully.

reclaimed wood coffee table with drawers

The Farringdon range of reclaimed wood furniture also offers storage perfection. The reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect platform for drinks and nibbles, whilst having spacious drawers for all kinds of clutter to be thrown into and hidden from view – it’s great for storing the remote controls, drink coasters and magazines too.

Garden storage ideas

The outdoor space of your home should not be overlooked and has much paraphernalia that needs to kept tidily away both during the summer and winter. Whether you’ve been lounging on your rattan outdoor chairs or busying yourself with the bedding plants, you are no doubt looking for garden storage ideas beyond a shed.

An outdoor storage box crafted in faux rattan is an ideal solution. Weather can damage outdoor furniture even those made from the hardiest of plastic, metals and wood, but a faux rattan cushion storage box is hardy and can cater for much more than just cushions. Gardening gloves or smaller gardening implements like a hand trowel can be safely stored so you know exactly where to find them when the time arrives.

faux rattan outdoor storage box

Storage doesn’t have to be boring – take a look at our range of stylish storage furniture options available and have your home clutter free and stylish in no time!