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Neutral bedroom decor ideas: why it's timeless
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Neutral bedroom decor ideas: why it's timeless

The neutral colour scheme is one that never truly goes out of fashion. Whilst we may see bold, vibrant colours becoming the “must have” colours for the season, they never really last. There is something so soothing and enduring about a more neutral palette, much like reclaimed wood furniture. Plus, it is this characteristic that lends itself so well to many rooms in the home but in particular the bedroom. So, if you are looking to create a calm and cool cocoon this summer, then why not get some inspiration from our neutral bedroom ideas.

Colour palette

When it comes to neutral, there are a lot more colours to consider than many people realise. There is certainly more to a neutral palette than just white or cream; beiges and greys work just as well and can provide a welcome change from the more often used shades, which can sometimes fall a little flat without the right accessories to back them up. The good thing is that just about every shade in the neutral spectrum will work really well in with rustic furniture, which is in itself somewhat neutral in colour.

solid wood bed with pink covers in a grey coloured bedroom

Rustic furniture

As we have already mentioned, the natural woods of rustic furniture make them an ideal choice for a neutral colour scheme in the bedroom. But it is more than just the colour that makes it a great complement. The naturally occurring patterns that you will find in wood work so well with a range of different shades from the neutral spectrum. A rustic bedside table, for example, would look perfect against a neutral wall and really give the wood a chance to stand out, creating something of a focal point. Plus, much like a neutral colour scheme, rustic furniture has a timeless quality that means it doesn't date, in fact, it improves as the years go by.

Discrete storage

The neutral look is one that aims to be as relaxing as possible, and one of the best ways of achieving this is with minimal clutter. Discreet storage is your friend if you want to pull off a neutral bedroom decor properly, so invest in a wooden bed with drawers, bedside cabinets and a good solid wood wardrobe.

White bedroom furniture

If you don’t want to go down the natural wood route with your bedroom furniture, then why not consider white or some other colour from the neutral palette. Painting furniture with a neutral shade can be a great way of upcycling a piece of older furniture that is in need of a bit of TLC. 

Natural textures

The neutral colour scheme lends itself very well to a range of natural textures. Crisp white linen for your bedding and fluffy or faux fur rugs for the floor – these all work really well against a neutral backdrop. Don’t forget a house plant or some real or dried flowers as well to help bring the beauty of the outdoors in and add the finishing touches to your timeless, beautiful, neutral bedroom.

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