Delightful Table top Decorations for Every Room

Gift tags spelling out 'merry' on a wooden surface with Christmas berries and green twigs

With well-chosen festive accessories around your home, you are spreading Christmas spirit! The dining table is important at any time of year but at Christmas, it is extra special. How can you create a Christmas dining table with timeless, festive elegance?

Setting the canvas

A wooden surface with Christmas decorations and gifts and a dark green backdrop

Like a painter, stylists will often spend time getting the backdrop right before they start adding structure with accessories and pretty festive objects.

Reclaimed wood furniture offers a superior blank canvas from which to start and so consider all the tabletops you have in your home and which ones are ripe for a touch of festive elegance.

And so, as well as the reclaimed wood dining table, don’t forget the reclaimed wood console table in the hallway and on the landing. Festive aplomb on the coffee tables wouldn’t go amiss either. And the reclaimed wooden sideboards also make a great space for scented pillar candles and festive delights.

Go minimal

Reclaimed wood has a delightful rustic edge with character a-plenty but if you want a more minimal look, then turn to the Scandinavian style for inspiration. Using pale oak furniture with rounded edges, this style makes a clean and minimal statement, perfect for when you want to bring a Nordic style to your festive decorations.

Welcome in winter

A white painted wooden table with pinecones, snow flakes and twigs on top

Take a walk in your local woods and snip a few sprigs for the table, along with other evergreen shrubs that you may find. And don’t forget that pinecones, sprayed with environmentally friendly glitter, make a fantastic centrepiece clustered in a bowl on the coffee table. 

Make a wreath of it

A person making a wreath out of greenery and thread

As well as clustering evergreen sprigs of holly and the like in vases and small pots, making a wreath can keep more order to your displays as the festive season wears on.

You can buy the frame of the wreath online for a few pounds and then add your own foliage, fresh or fake. Add a speck of colour with fresh flowers or berries for the big day itself.

Wreaths are great additions for the dining table and for the rustic coffee table too. For more elegance, add candles to the wreaths laid out on the sideboard.

Festive cheer in the hallway

The small console table is often overlooked but in the hallway at Christmas time, but a few festive touches set the Christmas spirit from the moment people walk in the door.

Replace your normal vase of fresh flowers with a small Christmas tree, for example. Opt for a live, growing tree that once the season has passed, can be planted in the garden.

Don’t throw old or broken baubles

A white Christmas bauble on a white surface with green twigs and a pot of glitter

We all have one eye on fixing rather than throwing and baubles no longer fit for the tree do have a second life. As well as adding pops of colour to your wreath and table-top displays, give them an extra dusting of eco-friendly glitter and then bundle them all in a large glass bowl or jar.

Add battery-operated wire lights for extra glint and place the bowl or jar one of your wooden sideboards or the console table in the hallway.

Small details can make a huge difference to your home, and this is certainly true of Christmas decorations and accessories that set off your reclaimed wood