Enhance your autumn decor with the bookcase extravaganza

Kielder Oak Bookcase

An underused piece of furniture, we take a look at how this autumn, you can add interest and drama to a room by choosing one of our bookcases and pairing it with other key pieces of furniture and accessories.

The bedroom

Chalfont Wooden Bookcase and Aviator Chair

Great for storing everything from books to smaller items, the Chalfont bookcase makes an interesting addition to the bedroom. We’ve opted for the clean, unfussy lines of the Scandinavian look because it adds plenty of texture and natural fabrics, especially important for the winter months

The lightness of this bookcase is perfect for matching the heavier framed Aviator leather armchair, perfect for the bedroom. All of this is pulled together by a light coloured Louis de Poortere flat weave rug, with barely-there colours but plenty of character.

The Scandinavian living room

Oak Ladder and Velvet Armchair

The raw oak ladder shelving unit is the perfect shelving unit in a minimalist modern or Scandinavian living room. This Scandinavian furniture has an appeal all of its own and can be used as per the photo with items clustered together or leave it with less, allowing the beauty of the oak to be part of the living room.

Mustard yellow is a fantastic colour and this velvet armchair would look lush alongside a velvet sofa, a texture that is always a pleasure to have around. The Louis de Poortere grey rug is the perfect neutral colour against the golden yellow but adds a dash of colour so that there is plenty of character to the room.

The open plan room or hallway

If you are blessed with plenty of space or an open plan living room, you can add detail in clusters and with plenty of colour around during the autumn season.

Kielder Oak Bookcase

Hudson oak bookcase and display unit has plenty of detail and can act as a room divider, helping to zone the room; and like the Wycombe bench in the photo, its light wood frame means it doesn’t close down the space too much.

Wycombe Oak Bench

Create an autumnal display for Hallowe’en and bonfire night with piles of squash and the obligatory orange pumpkin.

Add a large rug, similar to this light grey rug with an inlaid geometric plan, matching it to the shades of throws and cushions you have opted for.

A living room with a feminine touch

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase and Velvet Sofa

Add flecks of the feminine to a style adds instant warmth, with plenty of hidden details to in itself, adds warmth to a room.

Being feminine doesn’t mean pastel colours as this mood board shows. The industrial shelf ladder is a great starting point but soften the sharpness with the curved sofa with a hint of the Chesterfield about it.

The cream sofa is ideal will enjoy the detail of the four-drawer coffee table, as well as the pale black rug with the traditional patterning.