Give your home a cruelty-free makeover

Give your home a cruelty-free makeover - Modish Living

Doe perked up in a lusciously green forest

The message that the environment and our planet can no longer sustain our current choices is being heard by a growing number of people. There are many drivers, one of which is opting for a vegan lifestyle. Choosing products and items for your home that are cruelty-free and made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly sources is key. But how do you know you are making cruelty-free choices for your home? Just what do you look for?

1 Opt for ‘faux’ materials rather than animal skins

Leather is a superior material, hardwearing and robust but when the source of the leather cannot be verified – and that’s quite often the case – choosing faux leather is a better option. Just as hard-wearing and robust, it is hard to tell the difference between one and the other and so faux leather dining chairs will offer the same style and finish for your dining room with no harm to animals.

Dark brown faux leather dining chair on black metal legs

2 Choose reclaimed wood furniture for your home

Choosing furniture from sustainable sources makes sense at a time when the world’s natural resources are under pressure. Reclaimed wood furniture is made from hardwoods that have served a different purpose. Using skilled craftspeople, what looks like large chunks of wood and beams can be made into beautiful, stylish pieces from bedframes to reclaimed wood dining tables.

Sturdy wooden dining table on black metal square legs with dining chairs and decor

3 Use eco-friendly paint

The technology behind paint and the dying of paint is one that has developed enormously in recent years. Traditional paints, both gloss and emulsion, however, have tended to not only swallow a lot of natural resources but also a lot of energy too. Removing chemicals from paints has, in the past, meant the quality was not what we expected – until now, that is. Eco-friendly paints are low fumes but of the high quality that we expect, the perfect partner for reclaimed wood furniture.

4 Use natural materials from sustainable sources

We mentioned cruelty-free materials, but natural materials are also an ideal option. You need to be confident that they are from sustainable sources, however, and the people who grow, farm and process them are paid a fair wage. Rattan and bamboo are two materials that tick all the boxes. Fast growing, they can be harvested quickly and once dried in the sun, become incredibly strong. Their strength is magnified when woven together. With different colour options too and plenty of choices including rattan dining chairs and bamboo pendant lights. And don’t forget to dress the table with natural fabrics too, such as beautiful linen napkins and tablecloths.

Beige and black bamboo pendant light

5 Choose recycled glass items

Glass is a material that can be easily recycled and so opting for recycled glass wear in your home is also a great move towards sustainability. Who knows what life this recycled glass table lamp had previously, but isn’t it wonderful to think about?

Using cruelty-free and reclaimed materials in your home doesn’t limit your choice but enhances it. How will you make a start?