Luxe Up Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Luxe dining room with reclaimed wood dining table

Reclaimed wood furniture doesn’t have to mean to rough and ready. In fact, many pieces made from reclaimed wood are so skilfully crafted that the new lease of life the wood is given is both refined and detailed. Give your reclaimed wood furniture more than a touch of luxury with these styling ideas.

Luxurious dining room with reclaimed wood furniture and natural earthy finishes in the decor

Add sparkle with mirrors

Mirrors are often seen as a necessity in a room because they reflect and play with natural light. But they are also a worthy addition in their own right, adding a hint of sparkle that we often associate with glamour.

However, adding too much sparkle can detract from the main player in the room – the reclaimed wood furniture – and so a well-chosen mirror can work wonders to throw a spotlight on a piece. Hang a mirror above your small or large sideboard, for example – leave a small gap between the base of the mirror and the wooden sideboards – but don’t go too large or the effect is lost.

Rustic square elm cabinet with round metal handles and an industrial grid style black metal mirror hanging above

This is perfect for throwing light onto the detail of the Glasgow Reclaimed Elm Cabinet, for example. And there’s no reason why you can’t add a dramatic mirror, like our Hatfield Wall Mirror, to attract attention either.

Add texture with upholstered chairs

If you’ve opted for a reclaimed wood dining table you may assume that the dining chairs will need to have the same utilitarian approach. Whilst there is certainly a place for wooden dining chairs – they are great in many stylish dining room schemes – if you want to ramp up the luxe feel of the dining room, you can’t go wrong with upholstered dining chairs.

Reclaimed wooden dining table with a glass tabletop and cream velvet dining chairs

Velvet upholstered dining chairs certainly add a whole new level of sophisticated glamour (not to mention comfort) to the Luxe Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, especially when you opt for jewelled colours. In fact, upholstered chairs work great with any rustic dining table, including the many examples of rustic dining tables in our range.

Even neutral shades of upholstered dining chairs can bring glamour merely by offering texture. This approach works with the elegance of the Hoxton reclaimed wood refectory table, for example.


Reclaimed wood furniture comes with a unique texture all of its own, from the more raw, rustic pieces to the smoother, refined elegance of farmhouse and Scandinavian styled pieces.

Adding more texture is a sure-fire way of adding luxury and glamour. But this doesn’t always mean adding fluffy cushions or deep pile rugs.

Rustic and glamorous dining table with velvet taupe chairs, a cream pendant and white table linen

Introducing something as simple as a linen tablecloth or napkins to the wooden dining table made from reclaimed wood is an addition that can help up the ante when it comes to luxury.

Velvet dining chairs, with their soft and tactile pile, also fit the bill as do short pile rugs beneath the feet.


From tall, lithe vases to an abundance of lush green house plants, the range of accessories that attract attention to your reclaimed wood furniture is almost limitless.

Scented candles and diffusers add both a note of interest in the room as well as a gentle scent.

Rustic and industrial large sideboard with round metal handles, earthy decorative items on top and a bohemian sunburst mirror

Depending on your scheme and what you want to achieve, clustering neutral coloured items on a sideboard, for example, can be impressive, as too can a single, tall, elegantly coloured piece of ceramic or glass.

So, to bring out the glamorous features of your reclaimed wood furniture and luxe-up your dining space, use texture, colour and light to bring out its inner sparkle. Stilettos and tiaras optional!