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How to choose the perfect coffee table

How to choose the perfect coffee table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Industrial Nest of Round Coffee Tables

The coffee table – a piece of furniture that has to be all things to all people. It has to balance tea and coffee mugs, nibbles for film night, as well as serving as an impromptu art and office desk for members of the family. It also doubles as a footstool too…

It is no surprise then, that when it comes to choosing a coffee table, we can feel overwhelmed by the choice on offer. With so many functions, just how do you choose a new coffee table?

Step 1 - Know your style

Hyatt Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

First and foremost, knowing your interior design style is key. For example, if you enjoy a rustic appeal to your home, then choosing a rustic coffee table that complements your existing furniture is key. The coffee table is also ideal if you want an item with a hint of character, like this reclaimed wood coffee table on wheels – makes a change from the usual casters…

Step 2 - Be bold

Oxford Industrial Oval Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of those items that is not usually a talking point, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! Look for details that will set it apart, such as the beauty and impact of this oval industrial coffee table. The large trumpet base is perfect for adding detail and glamour to any room.

Step 3 - Size IS important

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Frankly, too small for your needs and it is not worth the investment but too big, the coffee table could swamp the space, impeding travel between the sofa and the rest of the room. There is a ‘rule’ that can help you out with this: the coffee table should be no longer than your biggest sofa so that it frames the coffee table (and not the other way around). It should also be no smaller than half the length of the sofa, a great way to stop the coffee table from looking ‘lost’.

There are many examples of stylish large, medium and small coffee tables that could suit your room or why not invest in a custom made and sized reclaimed wood coffee table? Made from reclaimed English beams, there is something satisfying about the presence of this rustic coffee table in any lounge or living area.

Step 4 – Be practical

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

The coffee table is a practical piece of apparatus for the busy home, as well as a showpiece and a platform for showing off a graceful sculpture and vase of flowers. In the busy family home, why not invest in a coffee table with drawers? Ideal for hiding away magazines and other ‘stuff’, as well as a handy place for keeping the myriad of remotes from falling down the back of the sofa. A wooden storage chest works great as a coffee table too but also as a toy box, blanket box and more!

Step 5 – ‘Divide and Conquer’

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Nest of Tables

Some styles and purchase decisions become so entrenched that we assume they are the only solution. So why buy one coffee table? Why not buy three?

Of course, your budget and floor space may not stretch to that so instead, consider a nest of tables. Versatile chic and stylish, they can be used to frame the armchair in its position (along with a beautiful rug), as well as used as handy side and occasional tables the next time you have a soiree. Again, choice and styles are vast, for example, this cubed oak nest of tables is perfect for the modern pad.

Follow these five steps for a stylish, versatile coffee table that will be the ideal investment for your home.

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