How to create this fantastic look with luxurious stainless steel

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Glass Top

For the last few seasons, brass has been the metallic of choice and although many pundits suggest that this is still the case for 2018, stainless steel is hotly tipped to face a re-emergence – and polished stainless steel at that.

This sparkly surface does a lot to open up a space, adding a sense of luxury and understated grandeur, especially in the dining room. Along with glass, it must surely be one of the most exquisite and coveted materials. And if you like the industrial style, you’ll love this Kensington dining table, with its polished stainless steel finish to the legwork sitting beautifully alongside the reclaimed wood top and the dramatically dashing black velvet dining chairs.

So how do you get the look?

An Elegant Industrial Dining Room

The Kensington dining table is a beautiful reclaimed wood furniture piece with a combination of polished stainless steel legwork with a reclaimed wood table top. The industrial style is all about the effortless combination of materials, such as metal, wood and the rawness of brick work and so on.

Luxe Madison Chrome Velvet Upholstered Dining Chair

But it is not devoid of style nor glamour which is why this particular style of dining table is the perfect choice. There is glamour, without compromising on the combination of metal and wood.

But if you want to soften the edges some more, add a plush fabric to the mix. The dramatic black fabric of the Luxe Madison velvet dining chairs make the perfect foil to the utilitarianism of the industrial look.

Fundamentally practical, the industrial style is not necessarily about harsh angles or unromantic functionality: it is about the seamless melding function and beauty. There is cohesiveness between the table and the chairs in the shape of matching stainless steel legs, complete with an almost art décor inspired leg frames.

Supporting Furniture to the Look

Every dining room needs to have supporting characters in the shape of other pieces, all chosen and placed with sympathy to the main star of the show, the reclaimed wood dining table complete with polished stainless steel legs.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Display Unit

Display units or even a sideboard are ideal. Perfect for offering much-needed storage, there is no need to compromise on the basics of the industrial style either. Reclaimed wood furniture, including undressed reclaimed wood units, sit perfectly side by side. Just like the velvet dining chairs bringing cohesion with matching legs, it is the romance of reclaimed wood that blends with the reclaimed wood dining table in the room.

And beyond…

This inspiring industrial styled dining landscape can easily spill out into the rest of the home. Versatile, stylishly sharp and beautifully tailored, it is no wonder that many people continue this style into the living.

Manhattan Floor Lamp

Cosy without being insipid, many people enjoy the clarity that the industrial and reclaimed style bring to a home. You can soften the edges as much as want using lush soft furnishings, along with similarly styled tall floor lamps to bring about a soft glow to any room, including the living room.

Is this a style that would suit your dining room and home?