How to decorate with round tables in dining and living room

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

Angles and straight lines are all well and good – they give the dining room and the living room a pleasing order to the eye – but, if it all feels a bit too strict and 90° angles, the time has come to introduced some curves.

Circles and curves are welcoming. When you have guests round the dinner table, the roundness of it is ideal for no one person being ‘in the hot seat’ or at the head of the table.

But as we will show you, introducing curves into your home is not just about round dining room tables…

Invest in a Classic Piece

The dining table is an investment that you will use time and time again over many years and so it pays to make a considered purchase.

Invest wisely, and your round dining table will fit any interior design style but, more importantly, it will be versatile enough to sit with your signature style.

We love…

Dining Tables

Classic white frames and wood table top – great in any design for adding freshness to a dining room. This Savannah round farmhouse table works really well in the farmhouse or rustic style dining room or kitchen.

For something a little edgier, the Oldman industrial round dining table is ideal for an ‘industrial’ inspired scheme where metal mixes with wood.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

We love the circular base of this small round dining table, complete with reclaimed wood top. Fantastic for when you want to make a statement to your guests. The Luxe Kensington range also extends to a matching coffee table too.

Curves in the Living Room

We love…

  • Coffee Tables

With no sharp edges to knock your shins against, a curvaceous coffee table or side tables are ideal for helping the ‘traffic’ in a living room to flow.

For a modern and minimal appeal, we love the cool-to-the-touch Kensal marble top coffee table. Choose the leg material – polished stainless steel, brass or matte black – so that it truly complements your living room style.

As well as a round table top, introducing a series of curves into an interior design style brings conviviality to a space too.

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

This round industrial coffee table has a delightful series of interconnecting circles as its base as well as a satisfying smooth-to-the-touch wooden top to it.

  • Side Tables

As well as coffee tables, side tables are ideal for the living room. As well as adding a pleasant note of interest to a room, they are also a handy extra surface that we all need occasionally in the living room. 

To keep a sense of cohesion, choose two or three items from the same range. For the industrial look – think exposed brickwork, metal and wood dancing in harmony together – the Luxe Kensington range has it all.

For a smaller side table, the reclaimed wood table top can be finished with an optional glass ‘cover’ if you feel it needs it.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Nest of Tables

But you don’t want the living room cluttered with tables here and there which is why a nest of tables is an ideal choice. However, drag yourself out of the 1970s and ditch the set of 3 nesting tables made from MDF. Instead, opt for the thrill of polished stainless steel circular bases and the reclaimed wood tops of the Luxe Kensington nest of tables.

Curves are friendly, inviting and welcoming – and they sit alongside the straightness and pleasingly formality of angles and straight lines in both the dining room and the living room. Why do you love curves so much?

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