5 Types Of Interior Design Styles To Implement In Your Home

Windsor Oak Farmhouse Extending Dining Table in Dining Room with blush pink dining chairs

If you are looking for inspiration to create a new look for your home, but aren’t sure which style to adopt, then you need to know about these fantastic interior design styles and ideas. In this article, we bring you the 5 types of interior design styles and how to implement these popular trends in your home.

Industrial Look

The turn-of-the-century industrial era emphasised the liberal use of steel and distressed wooden furniture, along with exposed brick walls.

This is achievable in rooms and space across your home, including distressed-wood modern beds. Create a rugged effect but soften with softly draping, but clean-lined window dressings, along with rugs and cushions.


Find out more about the Industrial Style here.


Nautical d├ęcor is a relaxing one, with warmth and an air of positivity to it, just like a day at the sea-side. The spirit of the sea is captured in many ways, and is the perfect style for capturing the urban modern style.

Think linear patterns, think blues and creams and think nautical patterns, from birds to anchors. Reclaimed wood is also welcomed in this style and with this modern dining table set, you can welcome the sea scape into your home, throughout the space.

Chilson Table and Bench Set in Dining room

Scandinavian Style

There is something delightful about the clean, minimalist lines of the Scandinavian style, but without lacking the warmth and texture that so many of us look for. Scandinavian pieces that fit perfectly within this style are balance engineered with organic materials, have a playful accent on colour and think smooth, rounded edges, rather than hard, angular lines.

Hudson Living Bergen Nest of Tables White


And finally, the farmhouse style is a welcome trend in the urban modern style that so many of us covet. There is a warmth in its familiarity and is a style that is simple to replicate, easy to live with. It is truly practical and versatile.

Windsor Oak Farmhouse Extending Dining Table

Again, distressed wood furniture is the backbone of the style, as it is furniture that is simple to incorporate into the scheme. Think pastel colours with neutral tones on both walls and floors. Be romantic in your outlook, including accessories that are not overly fussy. And stick with natural materials as much as you can.

Mid-20th Century Modern

The mid-1900s provided some of the most iconic furniture design. New technologies gave rise to moulded plastics, plywood and aluminium furniture all perfect for the refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes popular in the period.

To keep your home looking fresh, mix in modern-day interior design pieces, such as bright coloured modern rugs.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

In the end, all types of interior design styles are focused on making your rooms look homely. It is about adding your creative tastes and takes on styles of yesteryear – like plucking the best bits and bolstering them with modern-day textiles and furnishings to create a space that’s all your own. Choose among the types of interior design styles and make your house not only stunning but also attractive.