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How to style industrial oval dining tables

How to style industrial oval dining tables

Styling key pieces in your home, from reclaimed wood furniture to modern designs, is a mix of understanding shape and dimension. And, when it comes to industrial oval dining tables, we have a range of styling options and ideas.

The Abbey Oval Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

We understand why this is such a popular table not only with customers but with fans across social media.

Abbey Oval Dining Table

There is an innate beauty to the Abbey oval dining table. The oval shape itself is one of sweeping beauty, a shape that gives any room a grand gesture. Sitting around such a beautiful table is inclusive but the surrounding landscape needs to have grand gestures too, or it will look lost and inconspicuous.

This industrial oval dining table works well with the Chalfont sideboard, new to our range, along with an oversized wall clock and the Louis de Poortere Algarve rug, to frame the piece in the dining room.

The Oxford Industrial Dining Table

The black fluted pedestal leg of this table sets it apart from all others and for anyone seeking the industrial style, this oval dining table makes it much easier to achieve.

Oxford Oval Industrial Dining Table

The Oxford reclaimed wood industrial dining table is slimline and sleek but that doesn’t mean it deserves any less in its supporting cast. Match its understated glamour with items from the Mitcham Collection.

When it comes to dining chairs, contrast the black with the rose gold of these delightful fabric dining chairs alongside the Bibury pendant light and the Louis de Poortere Mad Men Columbus Gold rug.

The Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table

As dining tables go, could you get more of a statement that this delightful oval industrial reclaimed wood table? We think not.

Sussex Oval Dining TableBut again, you need to choose its supporting cast with care so that it emphasises the depths of the colour and detail of the table.

The Barclay Collection has fantastic pieces that go so well with this delightful oval dining table. For velvet dining chairs, take a look at the Daley velvet upholstered dining chair available in both cream and bespoke colours.

The Mad Men black and white rug is also the perfect frame for this table, perfectly complementing and contrasting the darker colours and hues in the pieces and one of many from our range of modern rugs that are perfection.

The Kingsbridge Reclaimed Oak Industrial Dining Table

This is perhaps the most industrial appealing of all the tables simply because it makes the most of every inch in the most industrial-esque way. It is, perhaps, the tripod columns of legs that make it the stand out piece so far.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Dining Tables

The Kingsbridge industrial oval table is a thing of sheer, unapologetic beauty. It needs to be cosseted and supported in this role. The newly launched Kingsbridge Collection is already making a big impact on customers.

The Kingsbridge large sideboard would be the perfect accompanying piece of reclaimed furniture as would the reclaimed oak console table.

Our Roxy chairs would make great accompaniments to the table and to frame it all, take a look at Louis de Poortere modern rugs, in particular, the Atlantic Ocean grey waves rug.

If you need any more help with industrial styled pieces for the dining room, our team will be happy to help.



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