How To Style Your Rustic Wood Furniture With 2020 Colour Of The Year

Dining table dressed in white distressed linen with plants and candles on top and a sage green backdrop

Mint green wall paint with a black metal floor lamp in front of it

Each year, Dulux brings us the colour of the year, a choice of colour and hue that will create a backdrop for our homes. This year’s choice is Tranquil Dawn, a beautifully soft, hazy shade of green that will be welcomed in homes across the country. When it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, the combination of this beautiful shade with the natural wood is perfection.

Why green?

Tranquil Dawn is a departure from last year’s Dulux Colour of the Year in that Living Coral was a bright, vibrant peachy shade. This year, there is a muted undertone to the choice, something that Dulux said was quite deliberate in their choice.

A big green leaf in a short glass vase

“Fuelled by a greater understanding of the impact social is making on the planet,” said Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, “the panel identified the universal theme for 2020 as a desire to create more opportunities to experience a ‘human touch’ in our lives and homes”.

The colour also marks the start of a new decade, with Tranquil Dawn bringing calmness and comfort at a time when we need it most.

A restful colour found in nature

A colour abundant in nature, it’s no surprise that green, especially the shade chosen as the colour of the year, is known to bring calmness, comfort and a sense of peace and restfulness to a space.

A new colour of the year, however, doesn’t mean you have to hot foot it down to the local DIY store to buy a tin! You can introduce the tranquillity of green into your home in other ways.

Having said that, this shade of green will look perfect in any room, whether that is as a backdrop to your reclaimed wood dining table or across all the walls in your living room.

Welcome green shades into your home

Reclaimed wood furniture brings the same warmth and comfort as this colour of the year from Dulux. Introducing pockets of green is the ideal way of introducing calmness and tranquillity across your home. Here’s how to do it…

In the dining room…

Reclaimed wood dining table dressed with sage green linen and plants, accompanied by an industrial style dining bench

Green linen tablecloths and runners are perfect for any reclaimed wood dining table. As well as avocado green table linen, for a lighter more subtle shade, opt for ocean green.

In the living room…

Reclaimed wooden console table in light wood with wood framed mirror hanging above and a recycled glass table lamp with a sage green shade

A green rug works perfectly across the home but would be ideal for pulling together the strands in the living room. A recycled glass lamp with green shade on a nest of tables or display unit in the lounge would be the perfect partner to the rug.

Dark green velvet shell chair with gold legs

Or, for more of a statement, opt for a green small armchair, ideal for a glamorous industrial style living room with natural undertones. On leather sofas or armchairs, why not add texture and colour with green cushions and throws?

In the bedroom…

Green rug with a wicker pouffe in front of a bed with green plant-printed bedding

Again, the large recycled glass table lamp with green shade would make a fantastic addition to the bedroom, perfect as a complement to rustic furniture in the bedroom, or any other style for that matter. A large green rug would also add the warmth underfoot that fits well with this style too.

Green is a beautiful colour to work with and no matter what shade you choose, it will look superb across your home.