Our best-selling armchairs to spend a lazy day in

With Lazy Mothers Day on 7th September in mind, now is the best time to invest in a classic armchair (and also the perfect time to spend a once-in-a-blue moon lazy day in your busy life!) Whether you opt for a fabric armchair, leather armchair or something completely different, an armchair makes a fantastic addition to any living room and will pair beautifully with reclaimed wood furniture. 

But which comfy chairs should you opt for? To make it easy (it is Lazy Mothers Day after all), here is a guide to some of our best selling armchairs and the perfect side table to pair each with.

Barkby Brown Leather Armchair and Reclaimed Side Table

First up, the Barkby Leather Armchair. Simple, classic and elegant - it's as easy as that! The beautiful love seat style creates the perfect comfy seat with the padded cushions and additional cushions either side. It's also perfect if you enjoy curling up on the sofa with a good book as it provides plenty of space to tuck your feet up too! The mid-toned brown legs makes this brown leather armchair perfect to pair with something like the Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Side Table. With the metal base, the side table contrasts with the armchair perfectly for a balanced look. A reclaimed wood coffee table would also make a fantastic pairing!

Triumph Armchair and Lansdowne Side Table 

For a unique take on a brown leather armchair, we love the Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair. The diamond design in the leather creates the perfect statement piece for with industrial furniture as the rounded shape adds a much softer shape to a style which can often be a tad more masculine - imagine an industrial coffee table paired with this - we think it's the perfect combo. For a coffee table with storage, the gorgeous Industrial Landsdowne Rustic Wood Lamp Table is wonderful! 

Maverick Leather Armchair and Oak Side Tables

The industrial styling on the Maverick Retro Relax Leather Armchair is fantastic for contemporary homes. Almost like a stylish beanbag for grown-ups, the Maverick Armchair is uber comfortable and pairs beautifully with light wooden pieces like the Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Nest of Tables

Aviator Keeler Wing Armchair and Mitcham Side Table

And last but not least, an armchair completely different from the rest, the stunning Aviator Keeler Wing Chair is a great option. The rounded metal casing complete with a comfy brown leather seat is bound to make a statement. As for the side table, we think keeping it simple is the way to go in order to really showcase the beauty of the Keeler Chair. Something like the Mitcham Industrial Oak Side Table is perfect, simple, whilst still keeping with the industrial styling of the chair. 

How will you be spending Lazy Mothers Day?


  • Candy Trigg

    Hi Steve, many thanks for reading our blog post and leaving a comment. I’m afraid the Maverick leather armchair is out of stock at the moment but is due back in mid-October. If you contact one of our friendly customer service team on contact@modishliving.co.uk they will be able to help you further. Thanks again.

  • Steven Hancock

    How would I go about ordering a maverick retro relax leather armchair please ?

  • Kelly Tetley

    Hi please can I have address of your showroom and opening hours please. Thankyou

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