Smart furniture to maximise a small living room

In 2018, we really are paying more for less when it comes to living space. That's why it has become so important to make the most of the space we do have with ingenious furniture pieces which will serve more than one purpose. Here are a few of our living room furniture ideas and tips for getting the most out of your space. 

Before you look at buying furniture, when it comes to smaller spaces, preparation is key - after all, it's incredibly frustrating when you find a piece of furniture you love only to realise when it arrives that it's much too large! 

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Set

When it comes to measuring, ensure you think about the clearance space you want around the furniture, whether it opens out into a larger item (e.g. an extendable dining table, like this stunning industrial dining table which is our best seller). If you aren't quite sure whether something will fit, putting newspaper or old paper on the floor in the correct shape and size will give you a good idea of placement and whether you'll still be able to walk around the edge. 

Next, you may need to think about prioritising pieces you'd ideally like. For example, a statement, industrial coffee table may be something you've got your eyes on but may be completely impractical with the space you're working with.

 Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

When it comes to prioritising, thinking about the purpose of the piece and the use you'd get out of it is a good place to start. For example, you might be able to justify investing in a reclaimed wood coffee table in your living room if it could double up as a blanket box (or toy box) and remove the need for another piece of furniture. 

Alton Weathered Oak Desk

Thankfully, furniture now caters for those of us who are struggling for space. Pieces like foldaway desks are perfect if you work from home but don't need a working space fixed. We love this oak desk which was recently featured in Psychologies magazine, as the light wood makes it easy to ensure your room stays looking bright and open, and the beautiful wood will blend with most colour schemes.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Industrial Nest of Round Coffee Tables

Nests of tables are another saving grace. With the beauty of being able to pop a nest of tables to the side of your sofa when not in use, they are perfect for those who love to entertain and are in need of numerous places to pop drinks around your living space. You could even use one of the tables as a bedside table to save space and pennies all at once. 

Have you got any small living room decor tips and tricks to share? 

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  • Suzanne Swain

    I am looking for a live edge dining table in oak 160cm x 85/90cm.
    Do you have anything or can you get it?
    We are in Felpham
    Thank you

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