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Unwind in an aromatic experience with scented candles

Unwind in an aromatic experience with scented candles

The home should appeal to all senses. Naturally, we tend to focus on what we see because, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Texture is important too which is why the touch and beauty of reclaimed furniture make it so very popular. But once you have everything in place, what other small touches do you add?

Rathbornes Scented Candles

Gentle, calming aroma in the home

We have 10 million olfactory cells in our nose, all of which play a vital role in how we feel. For example, you’ll detect when milk has ‘turned’ from a few paces away, just like a pleasant aroma in the home can help us feel calm, settled and comfortable.

Adding scent to your home

There are various ways of adding different layers of scent to your home but two of the most popular ways are scented candles and diffusers. Slowly releasing their pleasant notes throughout your home, we have a range of the best candles and diffusers for your home.

Both scented candles and diffusers work in any room, from a pleasant perfume at the door to a centrepiece containing beeswax candles on the beautiful tablecloth on your reclaimed wood dining table to a restful aroma floating across the bedroom, there is something for everyone in our new collection of best-scented candles and diffusers.

Handmade, quality scented candles

All candles in our range, whether large candles or small candles are handmade by Rathbornes in Dublin, a sign in itself that you are buying a quality scented candle. The process of candle making is important simply because it dictates whether the final product is delicately flavoured or too harsh or too weak to make a difference.

Handmaking Scented Candles

  • The scent

It’s essential you have the right scent for you. Different aromas appeal to different people evoking a different reaction. What some will find ‘too strong’ and overpowering, you will find just right.

Rathbornes White Pepper and Honeysuckle Luxury Candle and Box

  • The burn time

You’ll also want the fragrant notes to dance through the air for some time and so we have a range of the best scented candles with different burn times. Travel candles with one wick will last for several hours as too will those candles with two wicks. For an intense experience, luxury scented candles will bring instant gratification.

Scented Candles and Diffusers

Better still, as they come supplied in a beautiful bowl of their own, they are much safer than freestanding candles. And with black candles such as that with the depth of a dusk scent also available, there is something to complement every interior style too.

Rathbornes Dublin Dusk Luxury Candle

Scented diffusers

Scented diffusers, are ideal for supporting the main fragrant you choose for your home. They release their fragrance slowly, the scent encouraged to dissipate through the room by your movement. Delicately fragranced, they don’t overpower with concentrated scent in one area but moving them around occasionally can help to spread their delightful scent.

Rathbornes White Pepper and Honeysuckle Reed Diffuser on Oak Table




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