What are the benefits of choosing a rug

Living Room Styled With Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Rug

Louis de Poortere BoBohemian Tribe Grenada Cocktail Rug

Whilst hard wooden or tiled floors are beautiful to look at and have many benefits of their own, sometimes, a carpet or rug underfoot feels like a luxurious accessory. In the colder months, it feels so much nicer to step into a thick, warm material instead of a chilly floorboard. For those who are keen to keep some of their hard flooring visible and prefer not to choose a permanent solution to their chilly toes, a rug provides the perfect solution.

Rugs help to reduce dust

Louis de Poortere BoBohemian Tribe Vodka Rambar Rug

Rugs absorb and retain more dust than hard surfaces, meaning a reduction of visible dust in your home. Living room rugs, and indeed rugs for any room in the home, are easy to clean and a once a week vacuum should rid your rug of any dust accumulation. Most are tolerant of damp cloths and cleaning products should a spillage occur. The moveable nature of a rug means that it can be taken outside and shaken or beaten for a deeper clean.

Rugs are great for playing

Grey Twist New Zealand Wool Rug

If you have ever spent time on a hard floor playing with children you will know all too well the benefits of a rug. A cosy surface in a child’s bedroom is such a lovely addition both for them and for you. A wool rug like our Agnetha grey twist feels indulgent, is soft to touch and great for playing. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these wool rugs have the additional benefit of being easy to maintain – a must where children are involved!

Rugs enhance acoustics

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Antwerp Red Rug

Soft furnishings absorb sounds and rugs are no exception. Resonance is reduced in an area with a rug and the bigger the rug, the greater the impact. This makes for a calmer, softer ambience and can be easily achieved by placing a rug underneath a dining room table or coffee table. A big Louis De Poortere rug is a perfect solution here. Available in a range of colours and patterns inspired by the Far East, this gorgeously eclectic collection is easy to blend into a range of interiors. Made from pure wool and cotton chenille, it feels beautiful as well as looking great.

Rugs are comfortable

Luxury Sexto White Sheepskin Rug

The bottom line is that a great quality rug feels luxurious underfoot and is a pleasure to walk on. Rugs are naturally warm and a lovely treat for your bare feet on a winter’s morning. Next to the bed is particularly indulgent. How about a large sheepskin rug like our luxury double white sheepskin which is naturally warm with a deep and fluffy feel as well as offering a touch of style and glamour to your room. Our reindeer rugs from Finland are also truly luxurious offering thick, sumptuous warmth as well as being individual and unique.

With so much to choose from, we can help you find a beautiful rug that is perfect for your home. Whether traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, simple or patterned rugs, you can be sure it will be a treat for your feet.