What Dining Room Table Shape Should You Choose?

Rustic dining table and chairs with white soup bowl

Woman eating at wooden table

The dining table is a piece of furniture that will be in your home for years. It will be the place where homework is completed, where meals are shared and where family meetings take place. Getting the right one is, therefore, of paramount importance. As well as style and size, you also need to consider shape. So which shape of dining room table is right for you?

The shapes of dining tables

There are four shapes from which you can choose – oval or round, square or rectangular, with all offering something different.

The round dining table

If it is inclusiveness you want, then the round kitchen table could be the perfect option. No matter how big or small the round dining table, you can see everyone sat around it.

There is also no ‘head of the table’, something that you may decide is important. In fact, in boardrooms, negotiations often flow better around a round table which is why many people opt for the circular shape.

There is also one other benefit to opting for a round dining table and that is space. It affords plenty of dining space but doesn’t swamp the room.

The oval dining table

Another great and sociable shape is the oval dining table. Effectively, a circle has been stretched between two points to create a shape that is wide at its middle, but less so at either end.

Like its cousin the round table, this shape is perfect if you prefer a friendly and all-inclusive dining space.

There is also an elegance to this shape that marks it out as something different. In a formal dining room setting, it has a splendour all of its own. It can also work in the kitchen diner, especially as its shape makes the best use of space too.

Having said that, many oval dining tables tend to have generous proportions, so take care not to swamp a small space or room. If you want a statement dining table, the oval shape ticks both of this box.

The square dining table

Simple, elegant, functional – there are so many ways that the square dining table could be described. Its sharp corners and pleasing angular shape makes it perfect for ‘fitting’ into a space.

For example, if you want the table to sit against a wall, the square shape is the better option. Its symmetrical qualities are not its only selling point, either. Available in a range of sizes, you can have a small square dining table in the kitchen/diner that still offers plenty of dining space.

Again, they are available in a range of styles and sizes. Pair with detailed and sumptuous dining chairs and you have a dining table that offers everything that you need.

The rectangular dining table

The stretched version of the square table, the rectangular dining table is a popular choice. You could choose a modern dining table in the kitchen or industrial dining table in the formal dining room. Whatever your choice of style, it delivers.

The beauty of this shape is that as well as opting for dining chairs, you can also opt for a dining bench along the longer sides, great for squeezing in guests at an impromptu gathering.

With a range of leg options, you can emphasise the space you have available too. There are smaller versions as well as extendable dining tables that afford more flexibility.

Have you made your choice? Which reclaimed wood dining table from our range would fit best in your dining room?