A Match Made in Heaven

Mathematical calculation drawn in the sand for love

One plus one equals heart written in the sand

With Valentine’s day near, it can mean only one thing – love is in the air! And for us, that means celebrating the partnerships that stick together through thick and thin. In the world of furniture, there are many and our love for them is as strong as ever…

Armchair and side table

Is there anything better than sinking into the warm folds of an armchair after a long day or when you need to escape real life for a while? We think not, which is why the partnership between armchair and small side table is as strong as ever.

For an armchair to be truly useful, it needs its trusty sidekick of a side table or if space allows, a rustic coffee table to perch your feet, coffee cup or wine glass. One ties in with the other…

Dining table and chairs

… which is exactly how the companionship between a reclaimed wood dining table and chairs can be described. Both have their uses separately but they are better together. Whether you opt for wooden dining chairs or the plush fabrics of upholstered dining chairs, the chemistry between both is the ultimate love affair.

Wooden trestle table with cream fabric dining chairs

Bed and bedside table

No matter the dimensions of your reclaimed wood bed frame, without a bedside table it offers little apart from a place to lay your head. Taking care of everything from your alarm clock to bedside table lamp, this small but mighty piece of bedroom furniture has one of the biggest hearts and is a must in any bedroom. There is an undeniable connection between the bed and bedside table that is set to last for all eternity.

Kitchen island and pendant light

No man is an island, a saying that shows we all need some kind of emotional connection in our lives. The same could be said of the kitchen island and the relationship between it and the hanging pendant light. Casting light where there is shadow is its number one priority and catching the light when it falls is the kitchen island’s job. When you are working, eating or sitting at the kitchen island, you need light, something that our stylish pendant ceiling lights offer. The only problem is deciding which one…

Breakfast bar with glass kitchen pendant lights

Console table and mirror

Another couple that every could benefit from having it its life is the console table and mirror. Commonly found in the hallway, this must-have combination is so stylishly versatile it can lend itself to anywhere in the home. The slimline features of a narrow console table give it an elegant style and with handy storage solutions combined, it’s no wonder so many of us choose to have one in the home.

And with a mirror hanging above it, reflecting light in what can sometimes be a small space, you see how the two personalities complement each other.

Coffee table and rug

Both have a streak of independence but that makes their partnership even more wonderful. The rug provides the colourful, patterned platform that the coffee table needs to shine. And if there is one thing that makes any relationship a success, it is the mutual support that one offers the other.

Velvet armchair and sofa with reclaimed wood coffee table

Spread the love if you can you think of other furniture combinations that are perfect together.