Why Buy Grey Furniture for your Home?

Until recently, grey has – rather unfairly - not had a good press. Grey has, in the past, been associated with dullness, misery, clouds and rain. All that has changed somewhat – or at least been added to - in the last couple of years and grey is now very much of the moment – and rightly so.

Grey sofa living room decor furniture

There are more than 50 shades of grey

Grey is so much more than just a mix of black and white. From the softest, palest dove grey, to the deepest and moodiest stormy grey there are so many shades and tones to choose from. A grey can be cool and fresh, soft and relaxing, warm and enveloping. Better yet, grey will go with anything. Add a vibrant pop of colour to a grey room for a complete change of mood – and change that mood as often as you desire simply by updating your accessories and soft furnishings. Grey rugs, perhaps a grey floor lamp or a mirror.

It’s versatile

Grey sofa interior living room decor

A grey interior is also incredibly versatile. Think heritage, chalky shades in a cosy, country cottage. Or conjure up the greys of a contemporary industrial interior. Two schemes which could not be more different and yet grey works equally well for both.

Until now, it’s all been about the grey walls - from a wisp of cloud grey to a strong iron grey, and the sleek, smart anthracite grey windows and doors. Now, however, it’s time to start thinking about grey furniture coupled with contemporary rugs. With all the same varieties and vagaries of shade, mood and depth you can add whatever feeling you like to your room. A grey can be cool and energising, or softly relaxing. It can add warmth to an otherwise cold, north facing room; or bring a welcome breeze to a furnace hot south facing space. It can have hints of blue, pink, purple – even brown and yellow. Think of the sky just before it snows – heavy with yellow tones – or the almost purple hints to the skies about to burst forth with thunder and lightning.

It doesn’t date your décor

Contemporary grey interior living room sofa

Grey furniture is also especially versatile as, due to its neutral nature, it will never date and so you can update your décor without replacing every item of furniture. It will lend itself to any colour scheme you choose for your walls and accessories – from the softest of baby pinks to hot chilli pepper red; from the most delicate duck egg blue to the stormy midnight navy.

How to do it right

Try warm, squashy charcoal grey sofas or a grey contemporary coffee table. Add a contemporary rug or a throw. In a period property chalk painted grey wooden furniture will always add warmth and character to a room. Perhaps add some contemporary grey lighting for an up to the minute edge. In the more industrial or modern style room, a sleek grey dining table and chairs will add an elegant twist. The current trend for Scandi and Hygge style interiors and décor is particularly well serviced by contemporary grey furniture.

Grey doesn’t have to mean glum. Why not make grey furniture top of your shopping list and add real versatility to your home.

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