How to choose the TV cabinet of your dreams

reclaimed wood tv unit with two drawers

We all enjoy a night in front of the TV at times, but your evening can be utterly wonderful if you choose the TV cabinet that matches your dreams. There are a number of styles to choose from, so whether you have a contemporary living room or you favour rustic living room furniture, Modish Living have the perfect piece to add elegance to any quiet night in.

It’s important to measure the TV and other items, and perhaps to map out your project with sheets of newspaper before placing an order. Decide upon the location by placing newspapers on the floor to measure the space you have available if you would have to move around. You don't want your sofa or footstool to be in the way when someone needs to go in front of the TV. 

On the other hand, you don't want your TV too close to your sofa, so by placing newspapers, you can simulate the location of your TV unit and how things will flow around it. Also, it will help you to determine the length and height of your TV unit, especially if you need a bespoke size for your living room.

You should also consider the need for storage space and shelving, perhaps to hold DVD players, satellite boxes and a veritable Spaghetti Junction of wiring. If you’re choosing a bespoke item such as the iconic Beam One Door Reclaimed Wood TV Stand, you can be flexible with size options.

Choose a size, choose a style… then choose a night in

The beautiful English Beam Reclaimed Wood TV Unit offers eye-catching design and a sumptuous finish. Reclaimed furniture has a style all of its own, and this is an example of solid wood furniture at its very best. The standard size of this one is W120 D50 H61cm, but you can have one specially made for your living room. Equally attractive, the robust Mary Rose 3 Drawer Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet is strong enough and wide enough to hold the larger TV sets with ease.

Mary Rose Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

There has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of industrial furniture in recent years, in part because it allows for unique home designs that enable owners to put their own personal stamp on the design. The sublime Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet is an excellent example, with its clean lines and its use of solid steel legs to complement the reclaimed wood top.

Mary Rose Grand Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet

If you’re looking for a wide cabinet with unique natural design, the Mary Rose Grand Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet could be the one for your large living room. Farmhouse furniture is always popular, and the stunning Dorset Reclaimed Wood TV Stand is a particular favourite thanks to its distressed paint finish. Alternatively, why not explore the beauty of the Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet instead?

There’s so much choice, so by measuring your space and deciding on a style, you can take your TV viewing experience on to a whole new level.

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