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How to style a farmhouse or an industrial bedroom

How to style a farmhouse or an industrial bedroom

After a long hard day, you retreat to your bedroom, looking forward to hours of restful slumber. Creating a restful and peaceful environment in the bedchamber is essential and that means choosing a style that you like and enjoy. We take a look at two popular styles – farmhouse furniture and industrial furniture – matching their style components to the master bedroom.

The farmhouse style bedroom

The farmhouse style is not just about collecting things in this category – it is more than that. This is a style that is all about feeling and mood. Calming, soothing and relaxing, the modern farmhouse style has moved only slightly from its roots.

Originally, this look was created by using whatever materials were at hand which, in most cases, was an abundance of wood.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

You can capture this essence today by using reclaimed wood furniture. It was also common for reclaimed furniture to be painted, white being the preferred choice. The Dorset reclaimed wood wardrobe is a prime example of the painted farmhouse furniture. For cohesion, choosing matching furniture such as the Dorset white bed. If you want a ‘truer’ farmhouse style, err on the rustic side such as with a heavy set reclaimed wood high-backed bed.

Lazy Days Reclaimed Wood Bed

What to avoid with this style – avoid anything too matchy-matchy and ditch the chintz fabrics and frilly curtains, keeping that for the French country look. Keep wall colours neutral but warm – choose a pleasant yellow for cheeriness or an understated chalky green.

The industrial style bedroom

Born from loft living in buildings that were once the hub of heavy industry, the industrial style is a fusion of raw, natural materials such as exposed brickwork, wood and metal.

As with other interior styles, modern designers have given this style an extra twist here and there. The main structure of this style is simplicity – nothing too fussy or cluttered but using plenty of natural materials for warmth and depth.

It's an ideal choice for the bedroom. You could opt for a metal bed frame but if you find this too cold and austere, don’t panic as there are plenty of rustic, reclaimed wood bed frames that will fill the void.

Again, avoid anything too refined and for authenticity, stick with medium to dark shades of wood. A fantastic bed for the industrial bedroom is the delightful Standford reclaimed wood high bed.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

The dents, scuffs and marks of old on this rustic large chest of drawers would also fit perfectly within the industrial bedroom. Simple in design and minimal in detail, there is a block sturdiness to this piece that means it fits within the industrial style bedroom. Aside from its style, customers love it for the ample bedroom storage it offers too.

What to avoid with this style – anything too ‘fancy’ or detailed, such as an overly ornate wall or floor mirror, for example. Keep textures simple too, avoiding deep piles textures such as sheepskin rugs or fluffy textures. Choose a neutral but warm palette although you can take a chance with deep reds, emerald green and terracotta if you feel the need for colour.

Which of these two styles attract you?



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