How to successfully mix farmhouse with industrial style

Hoxton Rustic Oak Trestle Dining Table

Mixing key elements of interior design styles is not unheard of. In fact, by doing so, over the years designers have created whole new style systems.

The industrial look and the farmhouse style may seem light years apart but there are similarities in the thinking behind them. Both styles, for example, came about as a direct response to the environment: the industrial look in the heart of the city and the farmhouse look in the rolling hills of the countryside.

Both use natural materials – the industrial look is a pleasing combination of steel, raw brick and reclaimed wood, whilst the farmhouse style also used materials to hand, mainly wood and of course, wool. Thus, opting for reclaimed wood furniture would service both.

Painted farmhouse furniture such as dining room sets are not uncommon. With a coat of white paint, an item could be transformed from dull to bright and chic. Colour is used well in the industrial look too.

How can you successfully mix farmhouse dining chairs with an industrial dining table (or vice versa)?

Mix of STYLE

For an eclectic but successful combo between farmhouse and industrial, choosing items that are clearly of both styles and fitting together produces a pleasing finish.

For example, choose a dining table that is clearly of the farmhouse style, such as this beautiful farmhouse oak trestle table and match it with unashamedly industrial seating. These simple, elegant, metal legwork leather industrial dining chairs would be the perfect foil. And don’t forget, a dining bench or wooden dining chairs would be perfect too (in either style).

Lilian Industrial Faux Leather Dining Chair

For it to be successful make either the table or seating the star of the show in this combination.


Both styles use a mix of natural materials, defined in the industrial sense of materials that you be familiar with in an industrial landscape. That is the grit and cold of steel and the heavy wood of the farmhouse.

Mixing materials can bring about stunning effects. Industrial furniture can have the steeliness of black metal or it can have a slightly refined edge to it.

Industrial Lansdowne Dining Chair

The industrial-inspired Lansdowne dining chair, for example, is refined and subtle. Why not mix it with a chair that is equally as subtle, but still with an impact such as the beauty of a leather and Harris tweed dining chair.

Both of these styles have a subtler side to them, just as they can be dramatic. Mix the drama with the subtle and the genteel to create a pleasing, calm effect. Or bring in the big guns, mixing materials, upholstery and textures to create a drama that refuses to go gently.

Make it even more successful with a modern pendant light as THE statement feature.


The industrial look can shine with dark colours whilst the farmhouse shimmers with lighter, but still colourful palettes.

Painted furniture is a staple of the farmhouse look and can work well against the traditional moody colours of the industrial look – the clever trick is that both have a neutral palette, with no one colour being overly dominant.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs

The painted, almost rustic style of the Dorset dining chairs would marry perfectly the simple Maddox industrial dining table because nobody said mixing styles has to be complicated or contrived.

There are so many ways to combine these two styles. How will you do it?

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