New mango wood furniture - introducing the Canford collection

Eco-friendly furniture is not limited only to reclaimed wood furniture, oh no, sustainable furniture such as mango wood furniture is another option to go green at home. Mango wood is a by-product of the many mango fruit farms found in India and Asia. The trees are felled as the tree stops bearing fruit or if they naturally grow too big to harvest the fruit, and what is great is that a new tree is planted in its place - a tree for a tree!

We are always looking out for new furniture collections that meet our style and sustainable ethos and we are over the moon to be able to expand our rustic furniture collection to include several new ranges of furniture crafted from mango wood. We look in more detail at the gorgeous new Canford mango furniture collection - it's one of new favourites and we think you're going to love it too! Here we look at the new dining and living room additions from this collection that are guaranteed to bring a warmth and elegance to your home.

close up of tabletop of mango wood dining table

Mango wood dining table

With its striking patterning on the tabletop, you really won't need many other features to add interest to your dining room. The retro geometric design of the Canford Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table will be the ultimate talking point as you sit down to dine. The diamond patterning is achieved using lighter and darker pieces of the wood and set in such a way that it allows the beautiful natural woodgrain to produce all the detail. Pair with some velvet dining chairs for a lush and stylish look. 

Mango Wood Dining and Living Room Storage

For hidden storage in your dining room, you can choose the Canford Sustainable Highboard Cabinet but if you like to display a few pieces then the wooden bookcase, which has a cubic shape with open shelves as well as cupboards, would sit beautifully next to your mango wood dining table  - do take a second to take note of those gorgeous brass metal handles and those lovely legs!!

Either the highboard or the bookcase is perfect for the living room too, especially when paired up with the gorgeous mango wood coffee table. The coffee table has a plain mango wood top - allowing the gorgeous wood grain and undulations of the mango wood to shine through the warm, rich, dark-honey finish. The feature wood patterning is continued on the fronts of the two very handy drawers of the coffee table - perfect for TV remotes, spare batteries and other bits and bobs you like to have close by.

mango wood tv unit with two cupboards

All your living room media storage needs can be organised in one stylish place with the help of the mango wood TV unit. It has two open-backed shelves for consoles, and TV boxes and two cupboards each with a shelf for those items you would rather hideaway!

The gorgeous colouring of this wood means it will match a whole variety of interior design schemes from airy light rooms to dark and luxurious rooms. 

The Canford Sustainable Mango Wood collection also features additions for the bedroom. From an art deco style mango wood bedside table to a wonderful wooden wardrobe with one door featuring a full length mirror and the other the eye-catching diamond pattern synonymous with this striking collection, read our spotlight on the Canford Sustainable Mango Wood bedroom collection now to discover more.

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