Our Endless Love of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Transparent wooden hanging hearts

Wooden hanging hearts

On this international day of love, we think there is no better time to declare our endless love for reclaimed wood furniture than today.

Reclaimed wood furniture is unique, different, stylish and warm. There is a simplicity to it and yet, it has a complexity that also makes it a must-have for the home. For any room, from the hallway to the kitchen, the dining room to the living room, to the bedroom, reclaimed wood is a beautiful material. But why do we love it so much?

Emotional connection

The wood used in a reclaimed wood dining table, bed frame, coffee table and more is usually a slow-growing hardwood – in other words, too good to waste. Some are native to the UK and others from further afield, their qualities well-known.

In its previous life, the timber performed a range of functions, possibly structural such as oak beams or in another guise, such as doors. It may have been used outside too, such large heavy railway sleepers.

Close up of wooden beams

When it is no longer useful, it is reclaimed and given a new lease of life. And so a structural beam that was part of the strength of a building becomes a reclaimed wood coffee table, for example.

Unlike brand-new furniture made from recently felled wood, it is not pristine. It has marks and scuffs. There are dents and knots. Without compromising its strength and integrity, reclaimed wood brings the romance and the story of its past life to furniture for the home.

For us, that is simply perfect, wouldn’t you agree?

Unique and beautiful

You can tell by the expert craftsmanship of reclaimed wood furniture that the artisan’s heart and soul has been put into each piece. Specialists in reclaimed wood work it into a new shape and form guaranteeing it is genuinely unique.

It is this uniqueness that many people covet. No two pieces of reclaimed wood are the same. There will be scuffs in different places, the grain will hold a different pattern and the wood itself will hold its own different secrets too.

We may want something different, but we also want beauty and style too. More often, when something is ‘different’, it is made to stand out. We don’t always want that.

We want a reclaimed wood bed frame, for example, that looks like wood, feels like wood and behaves like wood. We want style and beauty with a hint of uniqueness, but we don’t want it to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Reclaimed wood bed with high headboard

This is another reason why we love reclaimed wood – its subtleness and the fact that every piece is different and beautifully unique.

Across the home

There is nowhere in the home that reclaimed wood furniture cannot be used. brought back to life, it still has so much to offer…

… a functional reclaimed wood bench alongside a rustic dining table is a match made in heaven. Or, if you prefer the Nordic style with its clean lines and light textures, reclaimed wood can be that too.

White reclaimed wood dining bench and table

… a reclaimed wood bed frame is as unique as relationships and family. Alongside bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobes, create your own exclusive boudoir in the style that you want.

Find out for yourself

We could go on and on about reclaimed wood and what it feels like to allow the palm of your hand to drift across the history contained within its grain, but that would be taking it away from you. Why not discover the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture for yourself?