Find the Right Statement Dining Chairs

Three wooden dining chairs with white painted chair

Wooden dining chairs with three white kitchen pendant lights

You’ve found the perfect reclaimed wood dining table and all you need to do now is find the right statement dining chairs. It can be more difficult than you think, especially with so much choice laid out before you. How do you make a choice? Here’s a few key areas to think about…

Choose the right size

Chairs that look too big for the table and the dining room will simply swamp it, not a look that you are going for! Start by measuring the dining room and the space you have around the table, as well as between the table and the wall. You need a clear metre from the back of the chair to the wall for easy movement. You also need ‘elbow room’ between diners.

Dining chairs come with different dimensions, so check the height, width and depth of your chosen chairs. Check the table height too.

Oak dining table with matching oak dining chairs Pale oak wooden dining chair

If you are seeking the modern farmhouse style for your dining space, oak dining chairs have the perfect dimensions for the farmhouse table.

The comfort and function factors

How often you use the dining table and chairs will also play a part in the style you choose. For a more formal dining room that is used less often, high-backed upholstered dining chairs will nestle perfectly against your reclaimed wood dining table. You could opt for the glamour of grey velvet dining chairs, for example.

Cream velvet dining chair with button back detail Button back detailing on velvet fabric dining chair

For the kitchen table, statement pieces in the shape of kitchen chairs wouldn’t go amiss, similar to the aforementioned oak dining chairs.


It’s the chair on which you sit while eating at the table. Style choice will also depend on who is using your chairs and dining table.

A formal setting with adults means that velvet or fabric dining chairs would be perfect but at the family dining table, you will look for other practical elements. Wipe-clean chairs, for example, are a must in the family home.

As well as wooden dining chairs, you may want to consider leather dining chairs. With older children, the fabric choice is perfect. Wipe clean with leather wipes and you can expect many years of robust wear from a naturally strong fabric.

The leg frame

Shape, material, dimensions and colour are all important but if you feel that some of these options are still too ‘fussy’, there are other means of choosing statement dining chairs that have a look-at-me-detail – the legs.

The right leg frame makes a huge difference. It can give you more leg space and also give a hint of unexpected detail. Pedestal legs give more legroom and also contribute to the room feeling bigger too. Sleigh legs, on the other hand, open up the space too and add a little hint of decadence.

You also need to consider if the legs of the dining chairs allow them to be neatly pushed under the table when not in use. If this is something you need, there will be nothing more annoying than chairs sticking out…

Your style

And finally, there are your likes and dislikes, as well as choosing a style of dining chairs that complements your chosen décor and style.

Industrial dining chairs with pale wooden dining table

There is the glamorous appeal of velvet upholstered dining chairs, as well as functional wooden dining chairs. There are the beauty and elegance of industrial leather dining chairs to the Scandi style, mid-century style, and more. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to be able to find an option that suits your taste, as well as your space.