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Spotlight: Introducing new additions to our Dulwich collection

Spotlight: Introducing new additions to our Dulwich collection

Our gorgeous range of Dulwich Reclaimed Wood bedroom furniture has always been a hugely popular choice with our discerning customers.... now that some new pieces have been added to the range we just couldn't wait to share them with you.

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you are looking out for an impressive and sturdy, solid king size wooden bed frame (or super king) then look no further than the Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed. It's simply styled to let the beauty of the salvaged wood shine through the medium or natural wax finish. 

Just a reminder - our Dulwich range is handcrafted right here in the UK - all the pieces in this collection started their lives well over 100 years ago as parts of old buildings that have been demolished. Rather than just going to landfill or being burnt they are skillfully crafted into statement pieces of furniture equally perfect for the modern or more traditional home. This saves new trees being chopped down and machined for furniture production making the Dulwich range the perfect choice for the eco-conscious buyer.

Additional items from the Dulwich range

The Dulwich reclaimed wood furniture range includes other items for the bedroom - such as different sizes of solid wood chest of drawers and bedside tables.

Caring for your Dulwich rustic bed

Caring for your reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is super easy too! When you first get it, to help it acclimatise to its new surroundings, we recommend a monthly wax for the first three months and then every month or so to keep up the beautiful lustre of the wood. Then the usual day-to-day stuff applies, use coasters, wipe up any spillages as soon as possible, don't drag the furniture along the floor when moving it - pretty much the same as any other wood furniture you have in your home. Full details are in our care guide.



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