The Lazy Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home

Whole lemons and halved lemons on white surface

Group of lemons on a marble top

Cleaning may be therapeutic to some but for others, keeping on top of the dust, dirt and grime in the home is a chore. And with a change of season on the doorstep, the dreaded spring clean is once again upon us. However, you can give your home a new lease of life without hours of scrubbing and cleaning. Here’s the lazy guide to spring cleaning your hoe. We won’t tell if you don’t…..

Embrace symmetry

The thing with winter is that we tend to ‘huddle’ in our homes, cowering from the winter chill under many layers. And that means the symmetry or balance in a room can be knocked off-kilter as furniture is moved so that we bunch together for warmth. Simply moving your reclaimed wood furniture so that the room is symmetrical once again really works in giving your home the lift it needs in spring.

White living room with sofa and coffee table

What does this mean? Balance your modern sofa with a side table at either end and a reclaimed wood coffee table placed front and centre, for example, or cluster things in threes on the rustic shelves or wood bookcase in the living room.

Clear surfaces

This goes for all rooms but in the kitchen, the bathroom and areas like the slimline console table in the hallway, as items tend to gather on tops of furniture. Whittle down these items so that you can see ‘space’ on work and tabletops.

White kitchen with marble kitchen island

Streamline the coat rack in the hall…

… and store away heavier winter boots and shoes. It’s amazing the difference it makes to the appearance of your home when you streamline items. Bulkier coats should be washed or dry cleaned and then safely stored away until the chill of autumn winds arrive.

Nourish the leather sofa

Dagmar Grey Leather sofaThe sofa is the place where the family will pile onto at the end of the day and has probably had its fair share of spills and stains over the winter period. Look after your prized brown leather sofa by giving some love in the shape of cleaning it with nourishing leather wipes or cleaner. It’ll carry on giving you years of service if you do so.

Switch up the scent in a room

Scented candles are perfect for winter, especially those with spicy or musky scents. With the arrival of spring, lightening up the scent in your home by introducing floral notes. Stick with lighter perfumes for your large candles as the times isn’t right for anything too heady or perfumed just yet.

Get to grips with storage

The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is that it is designed and made into ‘new’ pieces of furniture with the modern home in mind – and that means clever storage solutions. And so with spring knocking at the door, get organised with your home storage so that it is always tidy and aesthetically pleasing. A storage chest acting as a coffee table in the living room is a perfect example or a wooden blanket box in the bedroom hides a multitude of messy sins.

Beam Blanket Box and Standford Reclaimed Blanket box

Give the hallway some stylistic attention

And finally, first impressions count, so we head back to the hallway. Giving your hallway a bit of style is a great way of making it look like you have spent hours cleaning and ordering your home to give it the warm and welcoming vibe you want it to exude. Add pretty table lamps and update the central light with a pendant light or new shade for a fresh new look this spring.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Console Table