The Beauty of the Small Dining Table

Small dark wooden table with linen cushions

Small wooden table with glass jar and white daisies

If you dream of a large welcoming dining room complete with a substantial reclaimed wood dining table taking centre stage against other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture, you are not alone. It’s a fantasy many of us harbour, but the reality is often a lot different. And this means that when it comes to choosing a dining table for a small space, we have to make sure we make a clever choice. That said, the range of options when it comes to small dining tables is not limited. Just how do you make the most of your dining space with the beauty of a small dining table?

1 Opt for a foldaway or extendable table

If you use the dining table occasionally, a foldaway table gives the best of both worlds – you have a dining table when you need it but plenty of floor space when you don’t. A round extending table could offer the same benefit in that you have a smaller table for most days, but more dining space when you need it.

Round dining table with brown leather chairs

2 Go bright

The temptation to maximise the feeling of space is to go with white walls and reflective surfaces but, some designers are of the opinion that if the space is small, you should embrace it. Bright colours with a hint of pastel shades are right on trend at the moment. As well as pastel shades for the wall, opt for jewelled coloured upholstered dining chairs for your small round dining table or add coloured table covers to brighten up and make a feature of your reclaimed wood dining table.

Dark wood dining table with pastel pink upholstered dining chairs

3 Opt for a bar table

For homes where space in the kitchen really is very limited, opting for a dining table, especially if it’s just for the two of you, could swallow up space you can ill-afford to lose. There is another option and it comes in the shape of a bar table.

Wooden bar table with black steel legs and bar stools

There are many stylish bar tables and so you are sure to find something that fits with your style whether that is the industrial style or the farmhouse look. Add some comfy bar stools and you will be happy to while away an evening supper, linger over a long lunch or catch-up with friends over a quick morning coffee.

4 Opt for streamlined dining benches

You don’t just have to think about the dining table but the chairs too. When you have little space to play with, no matter how small or bijou your chosen industrial dining table or round dining table is, with dining chairs added it can all feel too much and too cluttered.

Stools can make for a handy seating solution at a dining table when space is limited. That said, they aren’t suitable for everybody, but as an occasional seating solution, they are perfect.

Reclaimed wood dining bench with white painted frame

The solution may lie in a streamline dining bench. No clutter and no fuss, when not in use, simply pop under the table or push up against the wall.

5 Think outside the box

If you have plentiful space in the hallway or corridor, for example, but limited space in the corner of your kitchen diner, who says that you can’t think outside the box and utilise this space as your dining space?

Pale wood dining table with white hanging pendant light

With the right accessories and choice of dining table, it may be more comfortable all round to move the table into an area where there is more space for the table and for diners. Maybe not the bedroom (or bathroom!), but a living room, walkway or long hallway could be ideal. Give it try!