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How to achieve an industrial hallway

Industrial style has been a huge trend in home decor for a number of years now. But what does 'industrial style' really mean? The idea with industrial style is to take inspiration from beautiful old factories and stripped back architecture. It's all about seeing the beauty stripped back architecture and using unexpected materials typically used for building for furniture. Find out more about the industrial style on our blog here.

Industrial style meets the hallway

Hallways are often a little neglected when it comes to decor. However, in terms of setting the tone for the rest of your home, getting the style of your hallway right is really important.

Your hallway can be seen an opportunity to make an impact as soon as your guests walk through the door and is the perfect place for being a little more creative when it comes to decorating. Industrial style is great for this - with clean style and plenty of personality, it is the perfect option for any stylish, contemporary home.

Add a console table

A console table is a staple piece of furniture for any hallway, perfect for maintaining a clutter free space and providing storage for smaller items for grabbing on your way out of the door.

A reclaimed wood console table will stand the test of time and provide effortless style. Try and find a design which blends reclaimed wood with metal elements for a sleek yet charismatic finish.

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Shop Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console

Alternatively, we offer a bespoke sizing service, so you can find a style perfect for your space. Have a look at our Oldman collection. The standard design comes with raw steel, but a coloured powder coated finish can be added for a truly unique statement which adds a little colour to your space.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Shop Oldmam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Large statement pieces

A huge mirror is a great option for any hallway as a way to open up your space. Go for a reclaimed wood frame or one with a simple metallic frame, perfect for pairing with the steel framing on industrial style pieces. Have a look at the Modish Living wall mirrors collection for more inspiration.

Statement light shades are another way to amp up the style of your hallway. Alternatively, if you're not sure about going for full-on industrial style, gorgeous industrial style lighting will give a subtle nod to the decor trend.

Ceiling pendant light from the garth williams collection at modish living

 Shop Gold Teardrop Babloo Pendant Light

Experiment with colour

Industrial style is a great option because it allows really allows flexibility to go with any floor and wall colour. For an understated take on industrial style, go with light neutral colours on your walls and beautiful wooden flooring.

Alternatively you could create more of a statement with a bold paint colour like navy or a darker grey. If you do go for a darker colour, make sure your hallway has a window or some way of bringing light into your room.

To get more inspiration and achieve the industrial hallway of your dreams with bespoke furniture take a look at our website.

Our latest obsession: the best storage solution

We’ve all been there – scrambling around to hide clutter and detritus when unexpected visitors call. We’ve also been frustrated more times than we can count as we seem to have nowhere to put things. And this is why the best storage solutions are our latest obsession - because the right containers, offering the right solutions in the best style for the space are essential.

Aimee Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table and Storage

Shop Aimee Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

We find the best way of getting the right solutions lay in matching the storage to the items that need to be kept – and that means taking a room by room approach. But as you would expect, we believe that no matter what storage option suits you best, it should be stylish as well as practical.

The Hallway

Shoes, boots, wellington boots, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas… there are so many things that need to be safely stored away to minimise clutter that it is hard to know which storage option to plump for.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Storage Unit for hallway

Shop Rattan May Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Storage Unit

We have many fantastic solutions in the shape of quality rattan furniture such as drawer units – handy for separating family things to aid with the school and work run in a morning – as well as a fantastic rustic style Winchester wooden trunk, perfect for throwing in shoes and bags to keep the hallway clutter-free.

The Bedroom

Again, there are several things that need storing in the bedroom that you will need quick access to from time to time.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box for bedroom or hallway

Shop Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

Anything from blankets to bed linen and towels can be stored in this stylish reclaimed wood blanket box. Chunky in style and appearance, there is a satisfying quality to anything made from reclaimed wood. With wooden bedroom furniture that provides spacious storage at an affordable price without compromising on quality, you can truly have it all.

The Living Room

The lounge is the place where you show visitors and guests when they arrive and so storage solutions in here really do need to be both practical and stylish. If you love the rawness of the rustic style – plenty of wood and exposed brickwork, beams etc. – then rustic, yet contemporary coffee tables will fit into your design scheme perfectly.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table for living room

Shop Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The Cotswold range of wooden furniture also offer storage perfection. The reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect platform for drinks and nibbles, whilst having spacious drawers for throwing all kinds of clutter to be thrown in and hidden – it’s great for storing the remote controls too.

The Garden

The outdoor space at your home also has many things that need to kept tidily away after a day in the sun, whether you’ve been lounging on your rattan chairs with cushions or busying yourself with the bedding plants.

Weather can damage the highest quality rattan furniture and other items made from the hardiest of plastic, metals and wood. There is also the frustration of never being able to find matching gardening gloves or smaller gardening implements like a hand trowel.

Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

Shop Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

Outdoor storage is not always stylish. Gaudy coloured, flimsy plastic chests are not the only solution. Our outdoor storage options come with zinc topped lids for extra weather proofing and hardy wood to keep everything free from rain, damp or the sun – and can keep it a spider-free space too.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring – take a look at the different stylish options available and have your home clutter free and stylish in no time!

How to choose the perfect rug for a room

The main purpose of modern rugs is to define a space, and that means choosing the right size, colour and shape. It is, however something people often struggle with, and here at Modish we want to make buying our rugs more of a pleasure and less of a pain.

Here, we provide some advice for those looking to purchase a rug for every room in the house, whether to complement industrial office furniture or as the perfect addition to the bedroom.

Our top tip for getting the right size rug is to create an ‘ideal size’ out of newspaper or marking out the rug edges with masking tape. When in doubt, opt for a rug that is slightly bigger rather than smaller – but there are several tips that work specifically depending on what room you’re looking to style with a rug. Read on to find out what they are…

How to use a rug in… The Living Room

Rugs look fantastic next to wooden living room furniture, but a great tip for small to medium sized living rooms would be to opt for a rug that fits all of your modern living room furniture on it. This helps to define the size of the room, giving it an ‘ordered’ appearance. Choose colours that complement your colour scheme or use contemporary rugs to introduce an accent colour into a space.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug in Living Room

Shop Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

In larger areas, choose a rug that is large enough to fit well in the room and with the ‘front’ legs of furniture resting on it. This stops you breaking your budget with a very large or custom-sized rug.

If you have a large sofa, the trick is to choose a rug that is longer than the sofa. If you don’t want a too-ordered look, pull the sofa off-centre and have one end of it not sitting on the rug to create an abstract feel to the space.

The rug for The Dining Room

In an open plan dining room and kitchen, a rug is a great tool for separating the dining space. Opt for a rug that your contemporary dining room furniture fits on, making sure you have enough of a ‘border’ on the rug for chairs to fit, so that diners are not balancing their chair (two legs on the rug, two legs off) when eating.

And yes, for round dining tables, choose a round rug.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Atlantic Deep in dining room with dining chairs and table

Shop Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Atlantic Deep

MEASURING TIP: place the dining chairs under the table and measure 50cm from the back legs. Add this to the measurement of the table and this gives you the minimum sized rug you will need.

The Bedrooms

In the master bedroom, rugs are a great alternative to carpet and they also complement wooden bedroom furniture perfectly. Like the dining table, you need a border of 50cm on a rug that you are fitting under the bed and any bed side tables you have. In the kids’ bedrooms or guest rooms, you can use rugs in various ways, including being a pleasant focal point that welcome people into the space by creating a path.

Think safety too - making sure that rugs do not ‘travel’ when walked on.

The Hallway

A long, runner rug works well in a hallway but if you have a large entrance space you may like the idea of placing a larger rug to define this area too. Choose complimentary colours and don’t forget that darker colours absorb light so think lighter shades or patterned rugs for maximum effect.

Your Home Study

With more and more of us working from home, the home study or office is increasingly common. In this space, you can be bold with your rug choice but again, ensure that it fits under your desk and office chair, leaving plenty of border so you don’t have the irritation of ‘falling off’ the rug with every movement.

Louis De Poortere Spring Leaves Green Rug

Shop Louis De Poortere Spring Leaves Green Rug

A rug in the right place, in the right size and proportion lends texture, depth and interest to a space, as well as providing a definition and a boundary. Which rug will you choose?

Now that you found out how to choose the perfect rug and know how to measure your space get shopping! Browse the luxurious Louis de Poortere collection or make your feet comfortable on a sheepskin rug and get cozy on a reindeer rug.