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Metal garden furniture: how to choose and clean it

Just like in the home, there are trends for garden furniture too. If you are seeking out comfortable, affordable and stylish garden furniture then the first thing to do is read our guide to metal garden furniture.

Trends for the Coming Year

If there is one word that sums up trends in garden furniture for the coming summer season it is this: bold.

Bold in colour and in shape, opt for garden furniture that makes a statement. And rather than just thinking dining sets, consider adding a slouchy day bed to the garden or an informal, yet stylish hammock.

Garden Bistro Set

Top of the list is a quaint and bijou garden bistro set. Perfect for keeping on the patio or close by the house, a bistro set is ideal for summer morning breakfasts and brunches.

outdoor Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Blue

Shop Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Blue

By nature, they are slimline and compact, a form of informal al fresco dining. Choose from a two-seater set or a four-seater dining set.


The garden can be awash with colour and that’s no bad thing. Pretty blooms, their colourful heads bobbing in the summer breeze is the perfect backdrop for the al fresco small round table and chairs.

In terms of colour for metal furniture, you may want to consider your choice carefully…

  • Stand our colours – if you want your garden set to stand out, choose white or even this clay coloured garden bistro set. Surrounded by colour, especially green, lighter coloured garden furniture can really stand out.
  • Meld into the garden – if you don’t want ‘stand out’ colours, opt for colours that blend or complement the green of the garden. Darker colours work well, with black being a favourite.

Convenience, versatility and ease of storage

It sounds a great idea having an al fresco dining set, perfect for all the family. Great for entertaining, there is no denying that well-chosen and stylish garden furniture is ideal.

But, it comes at a price – space. No matter how big or small your garden, then is no denying that at times, garden furniture gets in the way. Also, when the colder months of winter come around, protecting garden sets and furniture from the weather and sub-zero temperatures can prove problematic.

Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box for furniture storage

Shop Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

Not with metal garden furniture. All our metal garden bistro sets are lightweight, ideal as they are prime examples of the versatility that is folding furniture, allowing you to put them in an outdoor storage box of some sort. When not in use, fold away and either store in the garden, the garden shed, the garage, the garden storage box or pop it in the boot of the car to enjoy a picnic on your next day out.

Add Style

As well as furniture, there are also all kinds of accessories you can add to your garden to give it an extra zing of style.

Aldsworth Small Wooden Shelf Ladder

Shop Aldsworth Small Wooden Shelf Ladder

Create a pretty dining area al fresco with sweet-scented climbing plants, as well as potted plants adorning a wooden shelving ladder. Leant against a wall, it can be used to show off tea lights as well as a place to store other outdoor items and equipment.

Keeping Metal Furniture in Great Shape

Storing through the winter months ensures that the weather doesn’t corrode or damage your metal furniture. Maintenance is simple and straightforward – all you need is a few spare minutes and a bucket of warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

Wash the chairs of debris and grime and leave to dry in the sun… they really need nothing more.

All you need to make your small garden look fabulous

Your garden often becomes the hub of spring and summer entertaining. But sometimes the task of getting it summer ready can seem a little daunting, especially if you are limited for space. Here are a few of our top tips for creating the perfect summer spot with plenty of character. 

The best place to start is with a garden set. This is a great way to create a focal point with your design and often inspiration for the rest of your space will stem from this.

Charcoal Dean Street Garden Table and 2 Chairs in garden

Shop the Charcoal Dean Street Garden Table and 2 Chairs

We suggest using vibrant colours for furniture to make a wonderful summer statement. Our table sets are made from powder coated steel and can be folded away for storing over the winter months so can be kept in pristine condition for next year. 

The Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Table Set in Blue is a fabulous option. The light blue finish looks stunning and will add a little bit of colour to any English country garden. Perfect for creating a spot for sunny weekend mornings to sit outside with a cup of coffee.

Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Set in Blue in small garden with flowers

Shop the Small Round Table and 2 Chairs Bistro Table Set in Blue

The tables are also available with four chairs, perfect for BBQs with friends or family. The Garden Bistro Set Table & 4 Chairs in Clay are a fantastic colour for any patio area surrounded by potted plants and colourful flowers. Accessorise with colourful cushions and accessories when using the tables to bring your space to life and create a gorgeous summer haven.

Outdoor metal Garden Bistro Set Table & 4 Chairs in Clay

Shop the Garden Bistro Set Table & 4 Chairs in Clay

When using colour, try to make them pop. If you have brick walls in your garden, you could painting them with fresh white to create a more open space with a pretty boutique feel. The white will also make potted plants stand out and the green look beautifully vibrant.

Another great addition to any garden is a shelf ladder. These have been popular in interior design for a number of years but are now making their way into the garden, and they are truly stunning. A rustic shelving unit like the Small Wooden Aldsworth Pot Ladder is perfect for adding character and charm as well as providing additional storage. If you want to create a low maintenance garden or don't have any grass, these are also a great option for popping a few little pots. Alternatively, decorate in the summer, wrap in fairy lights for a magical finish.

Small Wooden Aldsworth Pot Ladder for plants

Shop the Small Wooden Aldsworth Pot Ladder 

Finally, amp up the glamour with extravagant statues and lanterns for a romantic space you'll look forward to entertaining in. 

To find the perfect furniture for your garden, take a look at the collection of garden furniture on the Modish Living website or get in touch with one of our team members for more information.

Why we love the Urban Modern Style

Have you noticed how much of the urban modern style is used in commercial settings, such as restaurant, cafes and the like?

It is an impressive style and one that you may want to emulate. But what are the basics of the urban modern style? And how can you convincingly replicate this style in your home?

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Mango Brown

What Defines the Urban Modern Style?

This style, as you would expect, stems from modern, designer lofts found in major cities. These large buildings were once the hub of industrial activity, but were left baron after business moved elsewhere.

Vast, cavernous spaces, once home to large, noisy machines are now living spaces. Loft living is a style and the urban modern interior design styles is a fusion of the commercial past of a building with modern living.

It is minimalistic and modern, chic with edgy experimental designs, all of which collide and meld together to make a fantastic living space. Not just the style of the young or the ‘up and coming’, it is style that suits families too because of its simplicity, its warmth and its adaptability.

How to Get the Urban Modern Style in Your Home

Think exposed brick walls meeting stainless steel beams. Think industrial meets a modern style. The rough and the smooth. The urban modern style works anywhere, not just loft living or city apartments. It can suit your home and here’s how to get it;

One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Original artwork, hung centre stage, instantly adds a cosmopolitan vibe. But, before you think ‘too expensive’ there are other means of getting your hands on original artwork. Art students create amazing pieces and appreciate the exposure. Or, you could create some of your work on canvas or even take a look at some original artwork stocked by independent retailers.

Urban, Not Industrial

There is a difference. Urban style has a softer, warmer edge to it than the harsh functionality of an industrial interior design.

Original and exposed brick walls meeting with the warmth of hardwood floors welcome us home at the end of the day. Modern rugs act as layers of texture to a room, as well as helping to pull together an open plan living that otherwise would feel too vast.

Contemporary Urban Modern Luce Black Candle Holders Pack of 3

Choose home accessories that are deep in colour, bringing in warmth to a space: think oranges, reds, browns, any colour that you react to as being warm and cosy.

Creating a Homely Feel

Every aspect of your home should embrace the urban modern style. Distressed wood is a must and that is why adding key pieces such as a modern console table are fantastic additions.

Hudson Living Brooklyn Console Table

Imagine if those pieces could speak. The dents in the floor, the distressed look of the wood, the stainless frame that have stood the test of time for so long, imagine the stories they could tell.

With key pieces such as modern dining table sets, the practicalities are obvious. But, should you wish to change the appeal and style of your home in the future, these pieces will fit right in with a range of additional interior design styles.

There are, of course, many different reasons to love urban modern style, and these are just ours – why not let us know what YOU love best about this style, and how you’ve embraced it in your home?