Introducing our new glamorous Knightsbridge Collection

We have gotten ourselves a little bit excited about our new Knightsbridge Reclaimed Oak collection of reclaimed wood furniture and couldn't wait to share it with you! 

This range is for the environmentally conscious who really don't want to skimp on style and luxury it's crafted from prime reclaimed oak with its natural markings and undulations proudly on display. The industrial element is introduced by the shiny silver metal legs and frame. This range of rustic furniture includes everything you would need to luxuriously furnish your living room, dining room and hallway - so let's have a look in a little bit more detail!

Reclaimed wood dining table with blue and grey velvet dining chairs

 Photo featuring: Knightsbridge Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

For the dining room

The focal point of a dining room is, of course, the dining table - the Knightsbridge brings together a rustic dining table, a good helping of glamour and a brings in a dash of industrial. This statement dining table is available in a 2 metre or 2.4 metre length and looks gorgeous when you add plush velvet dining chairs or a velvet dining bench. This collection includes three different size wooden sideboards giving you complete flexibility to choose how much storage you need and also how this range will fit into your dining room. If you only have a little space then the console table will give you an extra surface to put serving dishes and drinks on.

Large reclaimed oak sideboard with green floor plant and ornaments on top

Photo featuring: Knightsbridge Medium Reclaimed Oak Sideboard

For the living room

Of course, an industrial sideboard is a great option for a living room too - plenty of hidden storage space for family games, DVD's books, console games etc.  With a solid wood coffee table in the collection, an oak side table and the choice of either a small TV stand or a large TV stand your living room furniture could be coordinatingly complete.

Rustic reclaimed wood tv stand with two cupboards and middle shelf

Photo featuring: Knightsbridge Large Reclaimed Oak TV Stand

We think the clean industrial lines make this an ideal furniture for the modern home as this collection will also add a real warm rustic element to contrast. The incredible character of the prime solid oak used to craft these pieces is sure to be a conversation piece in your home and will definitely encourage compliments. In the image below you can just see how this collection will bring the beauty of nature into your home. 

Close up of reclaimed wood sideboard with green plants in stone pots

Most importantly you will have a clear conscience knowing that your furniture has been skillfully produced from reclaimed wood that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. 

For the hallway

A narrow reclaimed wood console table is perfect for the hallway - hang a mirror over it for a last once over before you head out the door and a decorative dish keeps keys in so you aren't hunting around for them when you're trying to get out the house.

Tall reclaimed wood console table with long thin polished metal legs in hallway with dark grey walls

Photo featuring: Knightsbridge Reclaimed Oak Console Table

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