Spotlight - New Ringwood Mango Wood Dining Collection

Bring a genuine farmhouse charm into your dining space with the gorgeous new Ringwood sustainable mango wood furniture ......our just launched dining room collection.

The centrepiece of this collection is the mango wood dining table with cross leg. There is no denying the beauty of the wood and the high-quality carpentry that have come together to produce a stunning and strong rustic dining table that will be a family focal point for many years. It's also an extendable table, meaning it's as practical as it is beautiful too!

mango wood dining table with wooden dining bench and mango wooden dining chairs

There are many seating options from the Ringwood collection to choose from, so you can select exactly what works best for your household. Carver wooden chairs with arms and matching ones without arms for a more traditional, or formal, look - as well as straight-legged cross backed dining room chairs that pair beautifully with the Ringwood wooden dining bench if you are looking for a more casual look.

close up of mango wood dining table

All the dining chairs are sumptuously upholstered and covered in a neutral fabric ensuring this wooden dining table set will merge into a whole variety of interior decor schemes.

Dining room storage is also well and truly covered - if you have a good amount of space and plenty of items to store in your dining room then the large rustic sideboard is the perfect piece. With one double and one single cupboard and three drawers which supply plenty of space for serving dishes, your best dining set as well as serving spoons and cutlery, this large wooden sideboard is dining or kitchen essential. To complete a stylish look, every drawer and door has stylish handles that really complement the style of the furniture.

mango wood dining table and wooden dresser

In the smaller space you can opt for the medium sideboard on its own, or with the option to add a glass-fronted display cabinet on top of it - particularly handy if floor space is a little tight, or even if you have some gorgeous dinnerware you want to put on display. There is also a console table so you can add an additional surface and a couple of drawers in your dining space. All these items from the collection are crafted from beautiful natural solid wood. Mango wood is a rich warm hardwood in a deep honey colour with beautiful undulations and knots in the wood. 

large mango wood sideboard and mango wooden console table

A word about mango wood

Like reclaimed wood furniture, mango furniture is a great eco-friendly choice. It is fully sustainable as it is a byproduct of the mango fruit farms mostly found in India and Asia. Once trees stop bearing fruit or when they grow too tall they are felled and sold on for furniture production. A new tree is planted to replace the old one, so no the plantations are constantly being regenerated. It is classed as a hardwood due to the dense grain of the wood, but unlike an oak tree that doesn't mature until it's around 75 years old, the mango tree is fully mature in around 15-20 years.

man picking mango fruit from the mango tree

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