Why choose an extendable dining table?

Extendable dining tables have long since been a favourite for many households. They add convenience when holding dinner parties as well as tidy away, giving you the size table you want on a daily basis, quickly and easily.  

With room sizes and general living accommodation getting smaller here in the UK, there seems to be an increased need to have smaller furniture.  A table that fits your maximum sizing for a room, may not be convenient at all times.  So finding a good sized table, ideally made to measure (such as the Moss and Vardo range by Modish Living), is a good starting point for the main table top.

To work out the maximum size table you can fit in your home, it's often good to consider different rooms or angles where you might be able to move your table to, should you wish to host a large dinner party.  

Friends of ours decided to maximise their space by moving their dining table to their living area when they hosted their large Christmas dinner party.  Finding your maximum space will allow you to work out what size extensions you need for each end (or even for just one end).  

So, why choose an extendable dining table?  So far, we have listed 3 main reasons:

1. convenience

2. room size restrictions

3. hosting parties

We would love to hear why you would choose an extendable dining table.  So if you have a story or any suggestions, please drop us a note either via email, on this blog or through our contact form.  

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