Why you should be using dining benches in your home

Dining rooms can sometimes be hard to add personality to. Serving primarily as practical spaces for family meals and the occasional dinner party, they can often seem uninspiring. However, our simply stunning range of dining benches at Modish Living can help you revive your space adding style and practicality. 

Having have become popular additions in modern homes and in home design magazines, dining benches are a great way to make your kitchen table stand out. Not only that, they are brilliant for entertaining and to fit more people around your table at dinner parties.

The Gothenburg Reclaimed Wooden Bench is a beautifully classic design which will stand out in any home. The slender top and narrow design means that it is perfect for dining rooms and kitchens with limited space. The stunning reclaimed wooden planks give a luxurious and farmhouse chic feel to your dining room. Complete the look with the complimentary Gothenburg dining table and a cosy Icelandic Sheepskin rug for simplistic elegance.

For an entirely different look, the Hyatt Canning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench is a perfect choice. Industrial, or architectural, design is an increasingly popular theme in the trendiest homes and magazines and adding the stunning Hyatt Canning Dining Bench is a sophisticated way of bring a touch of this to your home. The rounded steel ends add a truly unique finish to the bench, reminiscent of the chic New York style.

The Marius Reclaimed Wood Kitchen & Dining Bench is something a little different for your dining area. Made from demolished buildings and boats, each bench has a story and will add character to your room. The vibrant colours which run through the bench are a fun addition bound to add personality, and combined with other pops of colours, the Marius Dining Bench would bring nothing short of sheer pleasure for year to come!

If you are looking for a modern twist on classic style, the Nilsson Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench is a fantastic choice. Its typical Danish style blended with stylish angled legs creates a contemporary style that won’t date, and the gorgeous light wooden colour works beautifully with any dining room furniture. A simplistic and effortlessly stylish choice.

To view our full range of dining benches, please visit our website. If you have any questions about finding the perfect dining bench for your home, please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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