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How to choose the best bedside table for your bedroom

The bed is the main feature of any bedroom, so make sure you have the perfect bedside table to showcase its beauty. A bedside table will not only affect the look of your bedroom, but it will also affect the functionality. A bedside table is a great spot for placing gorgeous table lamps and decorative accessories which really create a style in your bedroom. But they also provide an extra storage space for bedside essentials or your current book. Take a look at these ideas to find the perfect bedside table for your bedroom.

First of all, work out what height you want your bedside table to sit at. Ensure that your bedside table isn't considerably higher than your bed or it will create a cluttered space. However, equally, a table which is too small can be swallowed up by the rest of your decor and creates an imbalanced look. As a rough guide, look for a bedside table which will sit about level with the top of your mattress or just higher than this. 

Marlow Side Table

A bedside table with storage is fantastic for most bedrooms. They are especially great if you like a clutter free space to give you a home for all the odds and ends that might usually sit on table tops. An industrial bedside table like our Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Lamp Table is wonderful for any contemporary space with the mix of pine wood and dark grey steel creating a sleek finish with a wonderful industrial twist.

Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Lamp Table

To create a gorgeous contrast, go for a glamorous table lamp. Something like our Marinella Table Lamp features an elegant fluted base and a soft coloured shade creating a sophisticated finish. 

A reclaimed wood bedside table is a great option for classic and contemporary bedrooms. The classic style of the Winchester Rustic Wooden Bedside Table would make a wonderful addition to any space. The piece is crafted using reclaimed wood and features natural markings to create a charismatic finish, perfect for creating a glamorous farmhouse look. 

Winchester Rustic Wooden Bedside Table

Something like our Rubens Table Lamp would add elegance and opulent style to your bedroom. The decorative base of the table lamp pairs wonderfully with the simple style of the Winchester Bedside Table is great for a classic room. 

If you have a very small bedroom, a bedside table with lots of storage may end up looking a little overwhelming. You may instead wish to think about a slim, sleek light oak bedside table to keep your bedroom as open as possible. The Hudson Living Kielder Oak Bedside Table is a great option. The table features a small drawer and a shelf, so there is still plenty of storage for magazines, books and bedside essentials but the open middle section creates a clean finish perfect for rooms with less light or space. 

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Bedside Table

To take a look at the full collection of bedside tables available at Modish Living, take a look at our website, or get in touch with one of our team members for more information. 

Are bedroom sets outdated? We don't think so!

When it comes to revamping any room completely, one of the main concerns is trying to find coordinating furniture for your space. A bedroom set is the safest option when choosing bedroom furniture. Whilst they may seem a little outdated, they are still a viable option for your home especially if you are looking for something which will stand the test of time. 

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bed bedroom

With contemporary bedroom furniture, match your bedroom furniture, but don't match everything. You can always change the bedding, lamps and accessories such as mirrors or add interest with wall art or a colourful chair but your furniture will remain the stable base for decor for years to come. Therefore, matching wooden pieces which will look wonderful with any colour schemes are great. 

When it comes to Scandinavian bedroom style and reclaimed wooden bedroom furniture, which will always look stylish and stand the test of time, a coordinated finish looks great. However, with in and out fashion pieces such as funky coloured pieces, a completely matching set may look a little much and create a scheme far from the calming atmosphere preferable in a bedroom. With pieces like this, go for timeless style with a wooden bedroom and add one or two statement pieces at most and pair with a complementary accent colour to tie the scheme together. 

reclaimed wood bed

If you are looking for a reclaimed piece with plenty of charisma, the LazyDays Reclaimed Wood High Back Bed is perfect. The bed has been beautifully handcrafted in the UK by our master craftsmen and is truly beautiful. With its natural markings, the bed looks wonderful in any room to add history and style. 

scandinavian reclaimed wood bed

Alternatively, for a stunning Scandinavian scheme, the Hudson Living Wycombe Luxury Oak Bed is a fantastic option. The subtle curve of the headboard which hugs around the bed makes a special addition to this piece creating a soft finish perfect for a calming atmosphere. 

Find the perfect bedroom furniture for your home at Modish Living or get in touch with one of our team members for more information. 

How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom

The bed and the wardrobe are the most important elements in a modern bedroom. Make sure you find the perfect wardrobe with these handy tips. 

Type of Wardrobe

Perhaps the first consideration when buying a wardrobe is the type you are looking for. Is a built in wardrobe or something freestanding what you are looking for?

A built in wardrobe is an investment piece, and, if you have limited space, is a great way of maximising space with ingenious storage solutions. However, they aren't for everyone. If you are looking for something a little more charismatic, a reclaimed wood freestanding wardrobe may be more along the right lines. 


Space is clearly a major factor when it comes to purchasing large pieces of furniture. With a wardrobe, make sure you think about the height of the wardrobe to ensure that it doesn't look too big for your bedroom, or make your room too dark. 

Also make sure you consider the floor space your wardrobe will take up. Ensure that you leave enough space to comfortably move around your bedroom with your existing furniture. If you are unsure, lay newspaper down on the floor to map out how much space your new wardrobe will take up. 

Wardrobe Style and Storage Considerations

If you have a contemporary nordic bedroom, something like our Hudson Living Wycombe Large Oak Wardrobe is perfect. The rounded edges create a soft finish and with the combination of drawer and cupboard storage, there is plenty of space for storage.


If you need something a little smaller, the Hudson Living Kielder Oak Wardrobe is the perfect compact wardrobe. With the clean lines and soft colour of the oak, it will ensure your space looks neat and will keep it beautifully bright. 

If you have a larger bedroom, a reclaimed wooden wardrobe is perfect for adding charm and charisma. The luxurious Bremnes 4 Door Wooden Wardrobe is great for tucking all your clothes away in style. A similar wardrobe is available with a mirror built in if you find yourself struggling for wall space. 

To find the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom, take a look at the Modish Living wardrobe collection, or get in touch with our team for any enquiries.