Dine with reclaimed wood


Dinner parties are increasingly taking place in our homes.  This might be influenced by the quick and easy recipes being shown on TV such as Jamies's 30 min meals, or excitement and experimentation created by Master Chef, or even the fun and slightly crazy times shown on Come Dine With Me.  These programmes, along with the nations obsession for food has meant we are now turning more attention than ever before, to the dining table.

There are plenty of recipes around, on what to create, how to present it, or even how to cheat a little by getting something already prepared (just needs a little cooking time, like Cook...).  However a dinner party is not all about food anymore. Good drink, nice setting and a beautiful table have all become the talking points.

A table with character, style and history, one that is sustainable and tree friendly can only bring around great conversations.  A key point at the table is to feel relaxed, and we feel, how better to get this feeling than by touching the real rugged wood, ones which show the history through the grains, nail holes and general wear and tear that's taken place over many years. 

A common thing we find about reclaimed wood, is it's addictive to touch and feel. This furniture is not smooth, silky and perfect. It's rugged, it's history and it's the most interesting style of furniture you can place in your home. We love it! This is why we have decided to work with it.    

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